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About us


Hogarth, Scholars at a Lecture, London, 1736.

Mission, History and Work of the Platform


 The Academic Genesis Platform (AGP) is an independent association of scholars and researchers from across the globe, established with the aim of providing a multiplicity of platforms for the interdisciplinary exchange of advances and new information.

Based out of both London and Istanbul, the AGP also seeks to become a catalyst for the joint production of knowledge between the global North and South, East and West. Scholars bring their opinions and research from Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, America and elsewhere to AGP conferences to have their ideas heard.


The global exchange of knowledge used to take hundreds of years, and even then be incomplete. Even so, the mutual admiration of civilisations months of travel apart ensured that many great ideas did survive and spread.

The Romans—and the early Britons—believed themselves to be survivors of the city-state of Troy in modern-day Turkey. In turn, the Byzantine and Holy Roman Empires, alongside various lesser states established in Italy, vied to be acknowledged as the successor-state to Rome. Not only did the symbols of power change hands in each of these interactions, but also reserves of knowledge about military techniques, agriculture, architecture, theology and mathematics.

The rise of the manuscript in the medieval era led to the even faster circulation of ideas and the advent of distance academic collaboration. The curricula of newly-founded universities in medieval Europe placed the Greco-Roman classics alongside Latin translations of Eastern scholars such as al-Razi and Avicenna, while scholars such as Leonardo Fibonacci travelled south to exchange ideas with the scholars of North Africa.

At Peterhouse, Cambridge, in the mid-2000s, many scholars came together to discuss what they could do to contribute to the continuing circulation of scientific and social scientific advances across cultural divides. The result was AGP, which was established in London in 2008 and Istanbul in 2012.


The principal vehicle we use to encourage the spread of knowledge is the academic conference. AGP holds regular conferences in different cities, including, most recently, Budapest, Barcelona and Prague. We rely on our membership to propose meeting topics and gather initial interest. Please contact us if you have an idea we can work on together.

Unfortunately, we are presently unable to provide any financial assistance, including fee waiving, at our events.

Research Collaborations

In line with our mission, we seek to encourage research collaborations among our members and other interested parties across the globe. AGP events provide an excellent environment for the exchange of ideas, and often this ends in collaboration between scholars from different fields and different backgrounds. As a young organisation, AGP is not yet able to fund this research itself.


AGP membership is open to educators and researchers from all over the world provided that they have a PhD or equivalent degree. We are now seeking to encourage as many scholars as possible to join our growing community in order to maximise the benefit of research exchange to all.


Nakkaş Hasan, Scholars at work, Istanbul, 1609.

For more information on our membership program, please click here.

 Research Divisions and Research Units

Within the AGP there are Research Units and Research Divisions organised according to common research interests and goals. These each organise their own annual conferences and other events. All members are welcome to join these groups or propose the creation of new sections according to need. Please note, however, that the AGP cannot itself fund this work.